COVID-19 Sick World If you are a small business owner who is just opening up after the worst of COVID-19, it would be normal for you to look inwardly and concentrate on getting your business back in shape. And making sure your employees are cared for and ready to contribute to a successful business. Certainly, one of the first things on your agenda is to adjust your business processes for any changes the COVID-19 demands. And of course, face masks are mandatory. Studies from New York state show that the infection rate among front-line workers who wear a cloth mask are less than those of the general public. Face masks are a real lesson learned.

Next, after ironing out any changes in interface with customers and the business community, it is important to assess how your local business community may have changed during the pandemic.

  • Who are the major players in your local community?
  • What kind of relationship did you share with any business owners?
  • Does the local community still serve the same market?
  • Are there opportunities to be a larger player in the local community?
  • “Change Creates Opportunity” is an old but valued adage in this setting  What are the major changes  that the relationships among competitors?
  • Are there any voids that need filling?

You have obviously been a leader in your own business and guided it successfully to this point. But now it’s time to ask yourself what the benefits would be to collaborate with the other companies in your small business community.

Leadership among that group would mean taking an interest in the ongoing success of each company and sharing your own competencies . Why is this important? Because  experience and extensive studies have shown that participating and contributing to the community returns rewards that are immeasurable in the long term. And its your turn to reinforce the fact that the pandemic is not going away.  It will be with us for a long time.

Stepping up to this leadership role will be a stretch for you but worth every ounce of effort. Small business community leaders draw to them other successful leaders. And the sharing of information and success factors means so much to a business struggling to find its way in a myriad of unknownsThis is your chance to do some Benchmarking and identification of Best Practices .

Now, this might seems like a lot of “rah rah” cheerleading, but leaders who step up and participate find a satisfaction hey can’t find any other place 

On a late night TV talk show one night, the famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked by another guest, “So what does this all mean.?” 

Tyson thought for a minute and then remarked, “I would like to reframe your question.  I think you meant to say ‘What will my future hold?’ What I can tell you is that your mind and brain are such powerful organs that they will find the resources and energy to help you create the Future you desire.” 

I was so impressed with his insight. It is a story we need to revisit many times — especially in the middle of an ongoing pandemic.

Are there other services you could provide to the general public that would assist the SCORE Mentre in helping their mentees?  Since supply chains will be disrupted , can you insert yourself as a bridge in the supply chain?

Also remember, your empathetic approach to other families and their losses means so much at this time.

We are beyond a crisis stage now. Think of everything you and your workers can do to aid greater Phoenix in general. 

Remember leaders rise to the top. Don’t try to do it alone but ask a SCORE Mentor for help. SCORE Mentors are available and many have faced similar challenges in their careers. Don’t hesitate to call on them and share, objectives and plans for the future.

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How to Become a Leader in your Small Business Community