One thing's for sure, anything having to do with digital marketing and technology changes at breakneck speed. I’ve been a witness to this since I created my first website back in 1995, yes, before the “Internet” was a household word.

Social media networks come and go. Remember MySpace & Google+? They both had good intentions, but also had bad management and a lack of forward thinking.

My Favorite, Go-To Sources for the Latest Digital Marketing News:

Now, some of these may be a little too techie for the average small business owner. So, you’ll have to judge for yourself which are useful to you and your business. Even if you hire someone, you still need to have at least a working knowledge so you can properly supervise them. I’ve heard horror stories of interns and freelancers doing things to a business’ website and social pages and the owner was totally clueless.

Feedly RSS Feed Reader Mobile app helps you keep up with digital marketing news

Hopefully with these resources, that won’t happen to you. I recommend using the free, online “Newsstand” Feedly to subscribe to them so you don’t get a bazillion emails. Some post more often that others. Feedly, also, has a mobile app that makes it convenient to skim headlines easily.

Besides that, Feedly allows you to save articles into collections so you can read or access later. I use this if I find something that I want to feature in a blog and put it a folder called, “Blog Material”. There’s also a “Read Later” bookmark.

Another way to quickly peruse headlines is by create a Twitter list and adding the ones you like. You can do that easily on HootSuite or TweetDeck.

Here’s my list by topics:

Marketing in General

Content Marketing – Blogging

General Tech

(Note: there are lots more, but they post hundreds of articles a week that can be overwhelming.)

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Now, What do you Do with all this Digital Marketing News?

Obviously, you will come across articles that don’t pertain to you or your business. I just pass those by. Some may give you a good idea. In that case, jot it down, make a reminder to follow up on it. The problem I’m sure we all have is that if we file it away somewhere, we forget about it and never implement the good idea.

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