Written By: Scott Schreiber

Business Ideas Don’t Go Anywhere Without An Entrepreneur Driving Them

If you’re an old guy like me, you’ve possibly had more than one or two friends or relatives through the years come up with some interesting concept that they thought they were going to make them filthy rich. They knew that if they just came up with the right thing, that they’d be on their way.

The funny part is that several of the ideas actually weren’t all that bad. Some, well, they were a bit wacky, but so was the Pet Rock, but it did pretty darn well. If you are too young to remember the pet rock, just accept that it had been a dopey idea that made an entrepreneur lots of money.

But, with very few exceptions, those people with their bright ideas never made any revenues, developed any products or became captains of any industries. The reason is that they weren’t entrepreneurs. They were just people with a solid idea. If you are wondering, as my Dad used to say, “once in a lifetime deals, usually don’t come along more than once or twice per day”

So it’s not the idea, it’s the execution of the concept that means almost everything. I guess the exception would be if you had seeds that would actually produce money trees, you would not need much help selling those.

An Entrepreneur Is A Patient Farmer As well as A Hunter

For those of you that have sales backgrounds you have most likely heard the terms farmer and hunter. You’ve generally heard them with the caveat that very few people can be both. But to succeed in business you must be both. You’ve got to have the ability to do what is critical to go out and hunt for new business. But you also have to be a farmer and plant the seeds of your business idea and tend to them, like a farmer tends to their crops.

This is one of the things that make entrepreneurs so exceptional. It’s one more aspect of why business ideas require entrepreneur solutions. If you cannot patiently manage the expansion of your enterprise during the difficult times and you either can’t or are unwilling to get out in front of the folks you need to in an attempt to grow your business. Then even the very best idea on the planet is more likely to fail.

Entrepreneurs Don’t Have All of The Solutions, But They Will Do Anything And Everything To Acquire Them

To have a lucrative business, you have to be prepared to do what it takes. Being innovative and finding, or coming up with answers under pressure is the sign of a true entrepreneur. Many intelligent people with great ideas still fall down under the pressure of every day decision making and managing the difficult challenges that appear more frequently than

The pursuit of the goal isn’t what brings a business idea to fruition it’s the vision of the goal that does it. Always keeping the idea in front of you is critical. Yet, so many lose site of that on account of the difficulty of the situation they face that day.

So the top business ideas attached to entrepreneur solutions are the ones that have the best probabilities of success. It is also an incredibly powerful combination in the world of business.

About the Author:

Scott Schreiber is a retired businessman who has over 30 years of successful management of turn around projects, Mergers & Acquisitions, Venture Capital work and senior sales and marketing management experience. Scott’s current mission is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs learn how to compete, grow and succeed in our current economy. He is also the Editor of the Greater Phoenix SCORE weekly eNewsletter and a mentor.