Just having profiles set up on the main social media networks and occasionally posting is not enough.You’re not using social media to its full potential and that’s…

Social Amplification!

That doesn’t mean going viral! Going viral is social amplification on steroids – and it’s usually a fluke. Like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – no way did the ALS folks plan for it to go viral. It just did.

However, getting social amplification takes a bit of strategic and tactical planning. Here’s how it works:

If you have 100 followers and one of them has 1000 followers, and that person shares one of your posts or tweets with their followers, you have a Reach of 1000 people. That means your post has the Potential to be seen by 1000 people!

The goal is to get your followers to share your posts and tweets with their friends. It’s not enough just to “like” a post. They have to share it! Though liking helps with popularity, sharing gives you that extra social amplification.

How do you get it? Ask for it.

  • Add at the end of a tweet: please RTpls RT, or pls retweet.
  • On Twitter, thank people for retweeting: TY 4 the RT! or Thx 4 the mention!
  • Same thing at the end of a post on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn: Please sharePls spread the word!
  • Make advocates out of friends, happy customers and strategic partners
  • Give to get – if you share and retweet other people’s posts, they’ll respond in kind
  • Post good, quality content. You won’t get social amplification if you’re just posting stuff about you! Share other peoples’ relevant content

Only 1 out of 15 posts should be a direct sales pitch!

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