By Zen Benefiel 

Practically everyone knows about LinkedIn now, but not everyone uses it well or even at all.

Why? Hearing how it works is one thing; most of us learn by doing. Right?

There are a few main aspect of how and why LinkedIn is important. Business owners use it to find competitors, customers, employees or even suppliers and vendors. Others looking for contracts or jobs explore the range of opportunities LinkedIn offers through their services. Salespeople now find LinkedIn to be a resource to garner glimpses of companies and potential leads for their products and/or services.

Let’s focus on Business Owners. Many features of LinkedIn cross over, the importance of personal profiles, business pages and even showcase pages can be key features in building your business. LinkedIn has become one of the world’s most respected business and professional resources. Most often when you have a question about a person or company where do you go? Google, right?

Google yourself and/or your company. Do you do that often to see what shows up? If you are on LinkedIn and don’t have a personal website or have your company website set up with appropriate SEO features, then more than likely you will notice your LinkedIn profile as being in the top Google results. That should be enough to cause panic. Relax, it just means that you need to develop great profiles.

When you look at your profile status, is it All-Star quality? What does that mean? It means your profile meets the professional standards LinkedIn requires for the best opportunities for you. The better you fit in, the more you can stand out. It’s like learning the rules before figuring out how to bend or break them. Of course, you may possibly not even know them.

What if you did? Would you be more attractive to potential customers? You look for it in others, right?

SCORE presents many opportunities for business owners to learn and practice important business development features. This LinkedIn workshop goes a little deeper with a hands-on practice of the material being presented. Facilitating that kind of environment can be a little challenging, so the class size is limited. You’ll also get a copy of the workbook being used.

Join us! Sign up for this hands-on session, – at SCORE Tuesday, May 24 from 12 – 4pm, before it fills up. Bring your laptop and jump in, explore – get your questions answered. Click here to register!

Smartphones are discouraged. Tablets might work if you have a keypad.

ZenBenefielAbout the Author:

Zen Benefiel is an accomplished author, coach, facilitator and speaker with Masters degrees from the University of Phoenix in Business Administration and Organizational Development. Zen is a blogger, social media expert, trainer and web developer since 2000 with a collection of works at Zen is also co-host of 2 Small Biz Guys talk radio show on Star Worldwide Networks.

Getting the Best Results from LinkedIn