Technically, if you own your own business, you are a CEO – Chief Executive Officer. You don’t need full corporation status to think like a CEO – it’s all about leadership.

What essential skill separates the small business owner from the Fortune 500 CEO?  It is the ability to make big plans with confidence.

When making big plans such as: acquiring a distressed competitor, hiring managers, or buying an expensive piece of equipment, knowing the answer to the following three questions will separate you from the rest of the field.

  • How much more business do I need to break-even on the new expense?
  • How fast can I grow my sales to exceed my new break-even point?
  • How can I know I won’t run out of cash?

When you have the ability to quickly answer these three questions when making your plans, fear evaporates and you enter a whole new era that will shape the future of your company.

If you are you constantly thinking of new ideas to grow your business, but struggle with how to know which ideas you should pursue, and which ideas you can afford to pursue, the upcoming, hands-on workshop “Think and Act Like a Fortune 500 CEO When Growing Your Small Business Into A Successful Company” presented by Steve Meisenheimer of The Effective Leader, is for you. (Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014, 3-5 pm in Ahwatukee.)

This is not a financial workshop.  Your skills in all four areas (sales, marketing, operations and finance) are equally tested when answering these three challenging questions.

Core Concepts

Audience members learn exactly what it takes to make big the decisions that will grow their companies in the most efficient and profitable way possible.  They experience, hands on, the actual process of thinking through the plans identified in #1 above.  They will then learn to quickly produce the answer to question #2 while monitoring the critical nature of question #3.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who leads an organization, or wishes to be in a leadership role, will benefit and enjoy this workshop.  It is well suited for all levels of leadership skill. Aspiring leaders will get an expanded view of what leaders must do, and how to do it, to be successful.  Experienced leaders will learn new techniques and activities to further improve their skills, their effectiveness, and their influence.


The workshop includes extensive audience interaction with our planning tool.  Attendees will need to come with a laptop that can read a Microsoft Excel file, or be willing to look on with another.  iPads will not work with the tool.

About the Author:

Steve Meisenheimer has owned nine companies in his career. Like most business owners, he spent much of it learning about leadership through trial and error. This was a risky way to learn when the futures and fortunes of his employees, investors, and many other stakeholders counted on his leadership.  Business audiences who want to learn the practices, and achieve the results, of the most effective leaders appreciate his content and motivational style.  After being at the helm of his own companies for 28 years, Meisenheimer now owns a company called The Effective Leader, which trains  business  owners  to  become business leaders.  He also speaks   professionally,  has  written  three  books  and  enjoys teaching others to succeed in the great game of business.


Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners: Can you Think like a CEO?