Written By: Your Marketing University

When someone searches the internet it is typically because they are looking for something specific. They put in what they want and the search engine (generally Google) give them back a list of things it thinks will provide them with what they are looking for.

Now how many times have you done this and then gone to the link offered only to not find what you were looking for? Maybe you thought “It has to be here” and clicked around for a minute looking for it? Only to get bored, irritated or both and go to a different site altogether.

This is where the “Three Click Rule” comes in. When designing a website and coming up with the structure of the pages, posts and menus we always need to look at things from the eye of the visitor. Not the eye of the site owner. As site owners we want things to look pretty and say everything we have to say. As a site visitor all I care about is whether or not I can find what I am looking for.

When someone comes to your website it is because there is something they think you offer that they want. But we live in an instant gratification world today so no one wants to spend hours trying to find what they are looking for on your site. If they don’t find it pretty quickly, they will just do another search and go to a different site.

So when you look at your site and everything be found by only clicking three (3) times? If I want to contact you do I have to go to the About Us page, then click on the person I want and then click on details and then click on the way I want to contact you and then (maybe) find the contact information I was looking for?

Or maybe I want to see what products you offer. Do I have to click on Products and then Physical Items vs Digital Items, then what category, then page 2, page 3 and page 4 to find the product, then on the product name, then on the buy button before I can finally actually purchase the item I came here looking for in the first place.

Can you see how frustrating that would be?!?

Go now and look at your website. Really look at it. Or better yet have someone who will be brutally honest with you look at it. Can they find things? How many things do they have to click to buy from you? How many pages and sub-pages do they have to go through to learn about your company or how you can help them? Have them tell you everything about your site that is frustrating. And also everything that they like. Now…go ask someone else to do the same thing. Maybe ask members of your mastermind group or your networking group to go look it over for you.

Then fix the frustrating things and do more of the things they like. And whenever you are adding a new page always remember…

The Three Click Rule: A website visitor should be able to find anything they want in 3 clicks or less.

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