I had a plan….

I was going to build a business! Oh yes, I was!

I was going to make money! I was going to be comfortable! I was going to have a new laptop, car, fancy planner, printed materials, great website and more! 

I had a plan….

I was going to go to this event and that event! I was going to make a name for myself and my company!  I was going to be out there and recognized! I was going to have weekend by the water, listening to the waves, spa days and so much more!

I had a plan….

Webster definition of the word Plan: 

A:  A method for achieving an end;
B: A detailed formulation of a program of action;

I guess I didn’t have a plan…. I had created end results, hopes and even maybe dreams but no method for achieving the end results and for sure no detailed formulation of a program of action to get me there.

I had... Now became the words I felt! It didn’t happen as I sure thought it would when I embarked on this journey... I had...

Funny, with this shift now came the thoughts of ‘Can I do this?’, ‘Do I have what it takes?’, ‘Do I really want this after all?’

Then the thoughts of ‘how’ roll through your mind – and where to begin and who can I be transparent with and ask for some guidance, help and advice. We are to be confident professionals who know our stuff, how in the world do you reach out and say I have no idea what I am doing or how to do this or that?

Do you recognize any of this process? Are you in the middle of it? 

You were given a 'dream'!
You have things you see for yourself!

Thankfully we ALL have the means of making things happen! Read that again – we have the means of making whatever we choose to happen – happen! Are we afraid of a little work? Are the end results not worth pushing towards and even waiting a few years to achieve? 

Let’s back up and create a plan – it was / is the only missing ingredient in our thoughts! One wee ingredient and then we get what we had envisioned. Reach out – plan creating with others can be fun, rewarding and trust me – they are right there with you!  

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About the Author(s)

Cheryl Clark, Business Coach

Born in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Cheryl worked for Chrysler Canada for over 15 years, owned an entertainment magazine, and fell in love with sales/marketing and technology! She has been in Arizona for over 15 years and has successfully assisted an air conditioning company from making $374,000 in sales to $1.8 million in less than 5 years.

Business Coach, Working the Gap
Do You Really have a Plan to Start a New Business?