Computers have been around since before WWII (even longer if you count the abacus!), and they increasingly have affected the way business is done. Today’s business environment demands that the entrepreneur pay attention to trends and uses of computers.

Here are 4 Tech Trends that you need to be aware of for your business...Cloud Computing

One trend is the increasing use of “cloud” computing. The benefits are huge. The ability to have data stored in a place that is easily assessable to every employee independent of location is a long-sought goal of business. It is also easily expandable without the need for major infrastructure costs and can come “online” instantly. The growth of this tech is going to accelerate in high double-digit numbers annually.

A second trend is the growth of virtual servicing, like curbside pickup. It grew hugely during the pandemic and will continue its growth because of the benefits related to staffing and reaching new customers.

A third trend is the pandemic-fueled necessity of home-based work forces. During this time of pandemic, business have looked out across their acres of empty “cubicle farms” and thought “Hey, the work is getting done by more employees at home remotely, why do I need to pay for all this Real Estate?”. The shift to home-based employees will continue and a new standard for office spaces will emerge. Ai - Artificial intelligence

A fourth trend is in its infancy and getting ready to explode. It is AI or Artificial Intelligence. It will give businesses greater powers with data, customers and employees they can’t even imagine today. 

So as an entrepreneur, what can you do?

How often do you assess your technology?

  • Just when the tech says your computer is shot?
  • Only when a pandemic happens and you are forced into it?
  • Or when your 10-year-old tells you that what you have is “old school?”

Pay attention to industry publications. For instance, are you a restaurant and caught a great article on a new POS -- point of sale product? Did a tech salesman try to make an appointment and you were too busy? Salesmen today use a method of “consultive sales” that can be very valuable. Are you involved in industry groups and listening to what other are doing?

The time to look at tech is not when you need a new desktop. It’s the place you should be going to reduce costs in manufacturing and labor to ultimately increase profits.

Not sure if it's time to upgrade your technology?

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Digital Tech Trends that will Benefit Your Business Today