In today’s digital age, it's crucial to have your marketing message where your audience is -- and they are online. Adapting these marketing tactics is a must for your business to be successful. Yes, it can be overwhelming, but with a little eduction, proper planning, set-up and implementation, you should see an increase in leads. 

Email Marketing

Marketing Funnel by Hubspot Some of you may remember when AOL first came around in the '90s. I remember my first thought was, "Who needs email?" Now, I have 5 email addresses that I use regularly and it's my main form of communication. Think about it. You purposfully take time during the day to check email. When the phone rings or someone knocks on your door, it's an interruption. OK, some of you have notifications that pop up as soon as "You've Got Mail". 

With the CAN-SPAM act, people must opt-in or want to receive your emails. You can't just buy a list or start emailing people to solicit them. That's SPAM and you can be fined. You can email someone if you have some sort of relationship with them:

  • They are a current customer
  • You know them or met them at an event
  • They contacted you first from your website or business card

So how do you grow your email list? By offering potential customers a freebie on your website. Give them something so they will give you their email address. It could be a free ebook, the first chapter of your book or a coupon offer. You can also email current customers. It's an enticing Call-to-Action (CTA) on your website -- an offer of interest to your target market. 

You then put them into a marketing automation drip email campaign to nurture them into a sale.

The idea is to convert a visitor at your website into a lead and then nurture that lead into a sale. 

Content Marketing

Content is what you use to draw a potential customer -- your target market -- to your website where they then can do what you want them to do (click on that enticing CTA). Content could be written -- as in a blog, video, graphics, pictures, animiated gifs, or podcasts. Use your content to give free advice, show off your expertise, tell stories and educate your prospects.

You can create your own content, repurpose old content or share other people's content. Blogging regularly helps with your search engine optimization (SEO). 

Your Website

Your company's website is more than just a pretty, online brocure. It should be selling and working for you 24/7. It should be easy on the eyes and easy to navigate and the visitor should be able to easily find what they're looking for and what you want them to do (CTA). 

Social Media Marketing

Face it. Even with all the bad publicity Facebook and Twitter have gotten lately, their user base has not decreased. Instagram is excellent for promoting your brand, getting exposure and reaching millennials. Pinterest is not only a great place for B2C companies to reach the consumer, but also for B2B companies to build brand awarness and SEO. LinkedIn is the largest professional network and where all B2B companies need to be, but LinkedIn users are consumers, too! LinkedIn adds credibility to a company. SnapChat is where the under 24 crowd hangs out. 

You should be on all the major networks, but spend more time on the networks that:

  • Are bringing traffic to your webiste - you'll know this by checking your analytics monthly
  • Where you are building valuable relationships not with your target, but with influencers and referral sources
  • Your target market frequents the most. 

Share all your blog posts and content on social media to drive people to your website and improve your SEO and ranking. 

Your Online Image

All of these elements work together to create you and your company's online image. Having incomplete profiles, fuzzy images or not having your picture or logo at all on your profile pages is like having a sloppy lobby. (There's a dollar store that nearest to my house that I won't go to because their carpet is filthy. It just grosses me out. It's probably just stained, but it looks horrible. I will go out of my way.) You don't want people to be turned off because of a few minor things that are easy to fix. 

You have complete control of your online image and your marketing. Isn't it time you learned how to do it properly and effectively? 

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