The White Pages and Yellow Pages are alive and well, but they’ve moved online. Not the traditional directories you’re thinking of, but in social media profiles and pages. Many people are confused between personal profiles and business pages.

Yes, you have a Facebook page, but if it’s the one that you use to keep up with your family and friends, it’s a personal profile. If you have a business, it needs a business page.

They are two separate pages.

Google+ and LinkedIn work the same way. Think of your personal profile as the “white pages” which you can keep “unlisted” or “private” if you want to promote your business more than yourself or “public” if you want to be known as an expert in your field. The business page is the “yellow pages” or the business listing where you promote your business’s products or services.

The Difference between a Personal and Business Page:

Personal Profiles or “white pages” – people want to connect with people.


  • A real person’s name – not a company’s
  • A real person’s picture – head shot preferred – not a business logo. If you don’t want your picture, use an avatar or cartoon version if you must.
  • A real person’s email address or contact information
  • A Facebook personal page will have an “Add Friend” button
  • A LinkedIn personal profile will have a “Connect” button

Business Pages or “yellow pages”  – people follow companies because they provide useful information, discount coupons or industry news.


  • Business logo – and it’s a square. Don’t upload a rectangular logo into a square!
  • Business description of products or services
  • Website link
  • Email link
  • Other contact information
  • Description with relative keywords
  • Cover graphic – the “free billboard” that shows a visitor what they do. Use quality graphics. Invest in a graphic designer.
  • A Facebook business page will have a “Like” button
  • A LinkedIn company profile will have a “Follow” button
  • A local business has a map on Facebook
  • All three sites offer business page analytics and insights on your fans and post engagement that you don’t get with a personal profile.

It’s important that business owners know the difference. It is your online image. An incomplete or poorly created business page is like having a sloppy lobby. You only have a few seconds to impress a potential client; to entice them to like your page or follow you.

What dose your online image say about you?

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