Written By:  John W Marker

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Crowdfunding is one of the most famous forms of crowd sourcing and it is the latest technique of raising capital for a new venture or project. With the help of this method people can request money through websites meant for this purpose from a large group of people inclusive of the contact in their network and from strangers as well. With the help of this method, businessmen can develop their business and even individuals can get financial support for their special initiatives.

This method has been successfully implemented in different industries inclusive of crowdfunding startups, creation of software, conducting political canvasses, art campaigns, disaster relief programs, etc… Many people have so far built their new organization and some have implemented their new ideas with the help of this method. Once finance has been raised by initial investors, crowdfunding websites show the amount of money that has been raised towards attaining the overall target. Generally, preliminary subsidies will be coming from the people, who are close to the requesters and once twenty to thirty percentage of the funding goal has reached, outsiders will begin to view the project as practicable and will start making their contributions towards the same.

Finance can be requested with or without any reward in return and there are fundamentally three forms when it comes to crowdfunding. Under the first form, people contribute to a venture or purpose in exchange for a token of recognition. For instance, if the funding is for starting up a manufacturing unit, they will be expecting some discounts in the purchase of the products of the unit. Under the second form, people lend money against a return of their capital with a payment of interest. Under the third form, investors take a risk on the future performance of the startup firm in exchange of share in future profit or revenue of the organization.

As mentioned earlier, there are crowdfunding websites and some of these sites operate as the best platform for creative projects and therefore people looking for crowdfunding startups can be benefited from these sites. Many startup firms have acquired benefit from these websites and have developed their business to a great extent. Even people collecting finance for a social cause can make the best use of this platform for making collections for their venture. However, the fundraisers should be careful in selecting the right kind of website for this purpose and once the best website is selected, they can really get through their venture.