In a recent article, I wrote about how Jeff Bezos used to hire managers at Amazon. The resume got them in the door but how they answered questions got them the job.

Resumes are Good to a Point…

Too many managers hire based on resumes. Resumes are good to only determine if prospects have the minimum requirements. It may have litany of accomplishments but those may not be what you need.teamwork

In today’s world more and more work is done by teams. It is really important to select team players. A resume typically highlights individual accomplishments over group or team achievements.

The WHOM Factor

Managers should hire for the WHOM factor in a prospect. It stands for...

  • Prioritizes Work-ethic
  • Heart
  • Optimism
  • Maturity

Frequently, it is more important to analyze and value behavior over experience. Managers need to really think about the precise job description. Would an indicator of behavior trump educational pedigree or experience? Most certainly. Many people with outstanding educations just cannot relate to a team or customer service focused job.teamwork

Another good practice is to analyze current successful employees to determine what about their behavior makes them effective. You want to hire for similar behaviors. Look for those who are solution oriented versus problem oriented.

Look past the resume to people with a high-performance DNA rather that the slogger who is so detail oriented that nothing gets done.  Look for the WHOM factor.

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Steve Engelhardt

Steve Englehardt is a current SCORE Mentor helping small businesses develop and grow.

Carefully Choose The Right Employee to Hire: Look for the 'WHOM' Factor