One thing that technology, social media and the new digital marketing has given the marketer is Big Data.

Every time someone likes your Facebook page or shares your post, it gets recorded. On your website, your site stats can tell you how many people visited, where they came from, what they clicked on, and how long they were there. When a user searches for something, it’s recorded.

There are 3 components of Big Data:

  • Volume
  • Velocity
  • Variety

This infographic from Asigra touches on some “data” from earlier this year:

There’s actually too much data! So where do you go to learn about your target market?

Well, first you need to Define Your Target Niche – who are they, what do they like, what don’t they like, what are their pain points?

Once you’ve clearly defined your target, then you need to do a little research. Most of these sites offer free information, but they have paid areas with more, in-depth data.

One of the sites that I like is eMarketer. Click on “Articles” then search for keywords pertaining to your target. They’ve got lots of charts and articles that tell you what devices they use – desktop, laptop or mobile, which social networks they frequent the most and what they do online.

If you’re local and B2B, your local business journal can help you tremendously with the everything from who’s who to the largest companies in any given field or industry.

Marketing Sherpa offers case studies. These are very useful to learn what other businesses like yours are doing and what’s worked or what hasn’t.

Facebook has expanded their “Audience Insights” with the purpose of attracting advertisers, but you can use the tool for free. Choose your target audience by age and gender, location, their likes, what other pages they like, etc. Then you can see how they use Facebook – what types of posts they like, what brands they follow the most, their purchasing habits, household income, how they engage with the brand pages and posts – liking, sharing or commenting.

Here are some other of my favorite sources of social media news.

All this helps you get to know your target. Each network also gives you analytics and insights on your followers (“fans”). This is crucial information so you can see:

  • If your followers really reflect your target
  • What posts got the most engagement so you can feed them more of them
  • What other things interest them

The more you get to know your target, the easier it is to put yourself in their shoes and think like them.

What are they going to enter into the search box to find you?

Don’t let Big Data scare you. Infographics help alot. Many companies use them to help showcase important data. Do a Google or Bing image search for an industry or topic and add the word “infographic”. You’ll get a variety of pictures.  Note: always check the date and source of the data to make sure you have the most current information from a reliable source.

Start here. Download the free “Define Your Target Market Workbook” to help you identify your perfect customer. Then you can shape your marketing plan to meet their likes and needs.

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Big Data: Where to get info on your Target Market [Infographic]