By Roger Robinson, Ph.D., Certified Score Mentor

We all know that success in business is a direct function of customer service. We constantly implore our associate to exceed customer expectations. But do we ever teach them how? Following are some hints based on over 50 successful years in business. We called them our ten Bee-Attitudes, our keys to providing absolutely awesome customer service.

  1. Be friendly, greet every customer sincerely when they enter your business or shortly thereafter. Make them feel welcome. Wear a smile, put a smile in your voice. They will notice.
  2. Be identifiable, always wear your business identity. Customers want to know who you are and who to call if they need assistance. Easy identification of associates may prevent a customer from becoming confused and just walk out.
  3. Be presentable, convey your professionalism and pride in the way you present yourself. Keep yourself and your business neat, clean and well organized inside and outside.
  4. Be informed, know what goes on at your business. The more information you convey to your customers, the more confident they will be in your products and services.
  5. Be effective, process customer transactions smoothly, efficiently and courteously. Make their experience enjoyable. The customer is your boss, s/he pays your salary.
  6. Be helpful, suggest additional purchases. Customers are often overwhelmed or uniformed about all you can do for them.
  7. Be agreeable and helpful. Handle complaints courteously. The customer may not always be right but s/he is always the customer. No customers, no jobs.
  8. Be positive, acknowledge customers as they leave. Whether they have spent money or not, they should be appreciated. They will remember how well they were treated. Your last transaction with a customer becomes that customer’s lasting impression of your business.
  9. Be conscientious, maintain an awareness or your customers, answer questions helpfully. Convey to them in words and actions that they are your most important priority.
  10. Be professional, thank customers and invite them to return.  Customers don’t want to be taken for granted, convey your appreciation to them. Create a lasting impression that will make them want to come back. Treat them as you would like to be treated. Make your goal absolutely awesome service, exceed their expectations.

About the Author(s)

Roger S. Robinson (1927-2019)

Over a period of 50 years, following the Navy, Roger created and successfully operated a multi-unit entertainment, recreation enterprise in Michigan. During this time frame he was responsible for the entire organization including such activities as strategic planning, marketing, finances, personnel, etc. 

Certified SCORE Mentor, Instructor, Greater Phoenix SCORE
The Bee-Attitudes, 10 Keys for Customer Service