By George Obst, Certified SCORE Mentor

It is not easy to take a good objective look at ourselves and modify our behavior based on the results. However,

the most successful people, whether they own a business or work for someone else,  are always self-critical and use self-analysis and behavior modification to improve their personal performance.

The Fall of Icarus, 17th century, Musée Antoine Vivenel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Icarus was the figure in Greek mythology who attempted to fly to the sun with wings of feathers and wax. But as he approached the sun, the heat melted the wax and he crashed back to earth. This is what happens to many entrepreneurs who take a chance to achieve their goals. They may set their sights too high, become unrealistic in their plans, and, like Icarus, they get burned. Some people will try again, without learning from their previous mistakes, and they get burned again and again. They begin to think, “I try and try, but it never seems to work out for me.”

High potential achievers may have characteristics of the Icarus complex if they:

  1. Fantasize about new ways to make a million dollars but never follow through.
  2. Never seem to learn from their mistakes.
  3. Make snap decisions without first investigating and gathering as much information as possible.
  4. Have a lot of projects cooking, but rarely manage to bring any of them to a boil.

The Icarus complex explains why so many people have “permanent potential”. They almost succeed over and over, having temporary, fleeting gains, then come crashing down to earth.

Achieving success as an entrepreneur requires both working hard and working smart. Sounds simple enough, but it requires introspection and the ability to change patterns of behavior based upon an objective evaluation of effective vs ineffective actions. Many successful entrepreneurs have had a number of failures (learning opportunities) before achieving success. Successful entrepreneurs are both introspective and adaptable, and change their behavior and actions as necessary. They develop excellent listening and communication skills, and avoid defensive and self- protective behavior that usually hampers one’s ability to listen and to think through what others are saying.

SCORE, with over 70 certified mentors, helps entrepreneurs succeed who are either starting a business or leading a small business. SCORE mentors listen intently, and then, at no cost to the client, bring objective plan development and problem solving in constructive and productive one on one sessions. This may take just one meeting or as many meetings as the entrepreneur feels are helpful and necessary. And remember, as a resource partner of the US Small Business Administration, there is never a fee to the client. If business financing is needed, SCORE mentors will advise on the necessary steps that will increase the client’s chances of securing outside financing.
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George Obst, Certified SCORE MentorGeorge Obst is a Certified SCORE mentor with more than 30 years experience profitably managing and growing businesses, including start-ups, purchasing, financing and selling businesses.




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