Face it. Social Media is not going away any time soon. You either have to embrace it, or get left behind in the dust.

Here are the 10 common social media marketing mistakes  Don't make these social media marketing mistakes!

  1. Having no social media marketing strategy. You need both a strategic plan and a tactical plan and it’s going to change every month!
  2. Creating accounts in too many platforms too soon. I usually tell people you need to at least have a presence in the major ones: LinkedIn, Twitter (for B2B) and Facebook. Not everyone needs to be on Pinterest or Instagram (B2C), Snapchat and/or TikTok (under 25), YouTube (only if you're doing videos), and there are new ones popping up all the time. You need to clearly identify your target market, then do some research to discover which networks they frequent the most and focus on them. If you set up accounts on networks and don't use them, it looks bad. 
  3. Paying for fake followers. This absolutely is a waste of money. First, they are NOT your target market. Second, they are NOT going to share your posts nor buy your products or services. It hurts rather than helps. Third all networks purge bots and fake accounts regularly. It doesn't pay to take shortcuts!
  4. Talking too much about yourself. It's about your target audience. They're thinking, "What's in it for me?" 
  5. Using irrelevant and excessive hashtags. On Twitter, 2-3 hashtags max. On Instagram and Facebook you are limited to 30 hashtags. Just because something is trending doesn’t mean you can relate it to your business. Related Article: What is a Hashtag?
  6. Sharing too much in a short amount of time. Spread your posts out. Use a scheduling tool like HootSuite, Sendible, or Buffer.
  7. Forgetting to proofread. Especially if you’re posting on a mobile phone. It’s very easy to hit the wrong letter and then the phone thinks it’s another word, well, it happens to the best of us! Remember, it’s your online image and reputation that’s at stake here! 
  8. Neglecting the “social” in Social Media. You can automate a lot of the “media” but you still have to be “social”. The whole idea of this is to build relationships with your current and potential customers as well as referral sources! A robot can’t do that for you!
  9. Not getting trained in how to properly and effectively use the networks and the free tools that are out there. Each network has a different culture with its own do’s and don’ts. Learning how to use them and applying that knowledge, will, in the long run, save you time and money and you’ll get results. Related Content: Should you Outsource your Social Media Marketing?
  10. Not reviewing your analytics and insights at the end of each month to see what's working and not working. Then adjust your strategic and tactical plans accordingly. 

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