Can’t sleep at night? We entrepreneurs are in the same boat. Especially “solopreneurs” – we folks that do it all ourselves. Getting 7-8 hours sleep is a challenge. This video from Entrepreneur Magazine caught my eye and it has some great sleep tips that we can all use to get our ZZZZs.

Which one to do find the hardest to do?

  1. Avoid alcohol 3 hours before bedtime
  2. Turning off electronics before bedtime
  3. Right down your to-do list or thoughts
  4. Create a sleep environment
  5. Exercise
  6. No sugar before bed, high protein and fat snacks instead
  7. Wake up to the light
  8. This one’s on me – avoid caffeine after 3 pm. Oh, but that’s when I need coffee to get me through the rest of the day! Try caffeine-free herbal teas like lemon-ginger, acai berry or peppermint. They’ll give you a boost without the caffeine.

For me, it’s turning off the phone and tablet. I guess I’ll take that stack of magazines from the living room and put them on my nightstand. Read those instead of the news on the tablet. What about you? Please comment below.

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The 7 Sleep Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs