If I asked 10 people what the definition of Success is, I bet I would get 8 to 10 different answers. We each have our own viewpoint of success. Whether it be money, power, position, family, community status or many other items, we have all hit roadblocks and encountered detours along the way to our personal success.

I recently came across a note in my files that was titled the 7 C’s of Success from Harvey McKay. The note just had the 7 C’s with no explanation, so here is my viewpoint of each C to help you achieve the 7 C’s of success.

The 7 C’s of SuccessClarity: You must be clear on who you are and what you want. You must be committed to what you want and communicate that to those around you.

Competence: Remember what got you here will not get you to the next level. You need to increase your knowledge and practice what you preach.

Constraints: Almost all our constraints come from within. We all have internal dialogue that holds us back (negative self-talk, etc.). We also may have external constraints (financial, etc.)

Concentration: How many of you have hear this from your parents, “focus.” Look at the best athletes, they have concentration and focus that makes them great.  Keep your mind on your goals and complete what you start.

Creativity: Surround yourself with creative people. As we get older, our creativity drops. We can reverse this by staying fresh and being creative.

Courage: Courage is the willingness to do the things you know are right, despite popular belief. You must act and use this courage to achieve your goals.

The 7 C’s of SuccessContinuous learning: Set aside some time either every day, every week, and every month to improve yourself. This alone will put you ahead of most of your competition. Read trade publications, books, listen to business and self-advancement books in your car instead of the radio or music. Take additional classes if necessary to improve your weak points of your business knowledge, join industry associations, etc. Whatever it may be, just never stop learning.

Try this exercise. Write down on a piece of paper each one of the C’s list above vertically. Then write one sentence about each C related to you and your business/job/personal life.  I.E. Clarity-I will make $100,000 in my job by the end of 2018. Currently at $85,000. Now each of the other C’s should support the clarity C. I.E. Competence-I will reach out to the managers above me, meet with them, find out exactly what they do, and see if they can recommend some training or suggestions on how I can join them at that level.

I hope you achieve the level of success you want.

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The 7 C’s of Success