As a small business owner, you should use social media as a tool to take your online presence to the next level. It’s a free, effective way to connect with current and potential customers, build your brand, and promote your business worldwide.

Whether you’re a seasoned user of social platforms like Facebook®, Twitter®, and LinkedIn®, or you’re just getting started, consider these best practices to ensure social media success:

Create goals. To find success on social media, you must establish your goals. Do you want to increase sales? Build your customer base? Showcase your products? Find new followers? Whatever your goals might be, right them down and be specific.

Do your research. Before jumping on every social media site, do your research to find out which ones are right for you and your business. Once you know the benefits of each networking site, learn how to make the most out of your social experience.

Make human connections. Social media can be an amazing vehicle for building relationships, but when networking online, it’s important to remain genuine and transparent. People want to know they’re connecting with a real person. To do this, engage in conversations, and “like” and “share” your followers’ posts.

Provide valuable information. Your social connections are following you for a reason. Take the time to post content they will value to establish your credibility as an industry expert.

Post relevant, engaging content. Post valuable content that will resonate with your followers, but don’t be afraid to mix it up! Post videos or photos, ask questions, and use humor to boost engagement.

Don’t overdo it. The easiest way to lose your followers is by over-posting content. Start slow, create a schedule, and post once or twice daily.

Master the basics. Take the time learn the basics for each social media site you’re active on. You don’t want to burn bridges, lose credibility, or annoy your followers. Start slow, build relationships, and work your way to online success.

After you’ve activated your social profiles on platforms that make sense for you and your business, make sure you link back to your website! That way, it’s easy for your customers to connect with you and discover your other profiles.

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7 Best Practices for Using Social Media