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The click through rate from the search results page is a metric that businesses should be closely monitoring. Over half of all users click on the first result generated by a search engine, so it’s important that your business have a strategy for search engine optimization in Phoenix or wherever your business may be located. When you have a well-developed search engine optimization strategy, your ranking will improve, increasing the traffic from the search engine results page.

In order to gain more organic search clicks, your site must engage the user by providing content on the search results page that is relevant to the search term entered. It is important that your search result sticks out from the sea of other search results to gain more clicks, and this is best done by developing a strategy for search engine optimization in Phoenix.

The following is a list of 5 ways that you can increase the number of clicks on your link from the search engine results page:

  1. Branding. Other than your website, it is important to be active on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. When you have more sites run by your company, numerous highly branded results will appear when a search is performed, which increases your exposure and credibility. If your budget can afford it, also run online advertisements and promotions. Branding is a huge part of a successful campaign for search engine optimization in Phoenix.
  2. Develop relevant title tags and meta descriptions. Make sure that the title and description grab the attention of your target market and tell them what they will gain by clicking your link. Do research to learn the terms that your market is searching for, and make sure your title and description reflect this on the search engine results page.
  3. Focus on core infrastructure optimization. While it is important to optimize the content on your website, you should also make sure that components, such as site structure and internal linking are taken into consideration for search engine optimization. Online marketing professionals can help you to develop thorough search engine programs in Phoenix.
  4. Use rich snippets. A rich snippet is a straight to the point description of what the user will find by clicking the link from a search engine results page. When a business has a rich snippet, users are much more likely to visit the site because they will immediately be able to tell whether or not the information interests them. As a bonus, there is a reduction in bounce rate due to the fact that users know what the site is about before clicking to visit.
  5. Create multimedia. When it comes to your products, services or knowledge on industry topics, creating a visual may lead to more clicks. Users love videos, so creating a video that provides interesting and relevant information will be beneficial. For any video made, always tag, caption, optimize and promote to improve your search engine programs in Phoenix.

Implementing the above tips will help your business to create a result on the search results page that is relevant and interesting to your target audience, driving up the traffic to your sites.

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