What lessons did you learn last year?

Were they positive lessons? Or negative lessons?

Recently I read the Fast Company article on their top 30 most productive people and I found some very interesting similarities within ALL of these fascinating people. Here they are (in no particular order):

  1. They all get adequate sleep. Anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. If you have not been exposed to the mounds of research showing that sleep is very important for us, then here is a summary. You really need to get at least 6 to 9 hours of good REM sleep per day. Being sleep deprived and proud of it, is not a positive thing.
  2. They all have set schedules made in advance. They know before they go to bed what they are doing the next day, then they review it in the morning to stay focused and productive.
  3. They all have filters on their email and social media. Having a set routine on when the look and respond to emails as well as setting up filters to avoid the junk improves their productivity. Same with social media. They all stated they do look at social media, but narrowed down which sites they look, for what reason, and only in small doses. They are not scanning Facebook looking for cool GIFs.
  4. Most of them exercise. They do some form of exercise, whether it be yoga, working out, etc. Some of them even told us their food habits, which works well for them.
  5. They all read – BOOKS. Yes, real paper books. Studies have shown we retain and process words better on paper than on a tablet, computer, phone, or any other electronical devise. So, set some time out of the day and read.

Speaking of books, I do a mix of real paper books along with audio books within my schedule. Do yourself a HUGE favor and stop listening to the talking heads on the radio while you drive and educate yourself with an audio book. As Brian Tracy says, turn your car into a rolling university by listening to books while you drive. In 2017, I have read/listened to 57 books. Many times, I will be reading one book and listening to another in my car.

Here are my top 10 books that I read/listened to in 2017 (no particular order):

  • 5 Success Tips of Highly Effective Folks you Need NowThink and Grow Rich Lost Secret – Vic Johnston.  This is a great expansion to think and grow rich with a lot of deeper insight to the original book by Napoleon Hill.
  • The Coaching Habit – Michael Stanier. If you own/lead a business or manage anyone, then this should be on your reading list in 2018. It provides great insight on how you can be a better leader/manager and get more out of your people just by asking great questions.
  • Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg. You may have heard that to form a habit, you need to do it for 21 straight days. This book is right up that ally and gives some great advice how to develop that positive habit a little easier.
  • ABC’s of Success – Bob Proctor.  An older book, but still very relevant today. Great for new business owners and those business owners looking to get a re-boot within their business.
  • Pitch Perfect – Bill McGowen. If you are looking to be a better presenter/speaker than this is a must read. Simple, easy techniques to improve your presentations.
  • Start with Why – Simon Sinek. Read this last year and had to read it again to keep my why in check. Great for anyone to develop their why, which will keep you on track in your business and priorities.
  • World According to Star Wars – Cass Sunstein. OK, not your standard business book. But, the lessons in this book can be applied to any business. It was fascinating to really understand the cult following of Star Wars, and how you can use what they did in your business to create raving fans as well.
  • Too Big to Fail – Andrew Sorkin. Need a scary book to read that is an economics book, then this is it. This book really explains how bad the banks and financial institutions were/are in when the government bailed them out and why.  It may make your blood boil a little bit.
  • Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill. This is always on my annual reading list and it should be on yours as well.  Reading this book every year, will really keep you on your path for success.  Get into a mastermind group to really get the most out of this book and improve your life.

No matter what, we all have learned something this past year.

If you haven’t learned one or more new things, then make it a plan to learn something new in 2018 and put it into practice to grow your business, or improve your life, maybe to move up in the company you work for, get a new job, mentor someone, share your time by volunteering for an organization that you have no affiliation with. Just learn something new. I learned how to use a sewing machine in 2017.  What did you learn?.

By continually learning you are growing as a person.  Right now, decide what action you are going to take to learn something new in 2018. Read more real books. Take an educational class. Learn a new computer program. Learn martial arts. Just learn.

I wish you much learning success in 2018.

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