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Whether you’re interested in starting a new business or your business has been around for years, creating an online presence and building a website is critical to your success. The idea of getting online might sound daunting, but the process is easy and starts with one thing: a domain name.

You’re probably asking yourself, “What is a domain name?” Truth is they’re everywhere, and you see them every day. A domain name is located after the www. in an address bar and after the @ symbol in an email address. The bold examples represent a domain name: and

Now that you know what a domain name is, let’s break down the 5 reasons why registering a domain name is key to your online success:

1. A domain name helps customers find you. Domain names play a crucial role in online success because they lead customers to your site – they are like real estate on the Web. Customers who visit a domain name are directed to a website, just like a street address directs visitors to a business. It’s that simple!

2. A domain name helps build your business’ brand. When you register a domain name, it becomes your online identity – it’s how customers know and find you. It’s important that your domain name represents your business and its goal.

When registering a domain name, consider including your company’s name, business type, or keywords that represent your services. For instance, if you are a landscaper, you might want to use the term “landscape” in your domain name. That way, customers know what to expect before visiting your site. But remember, it’s best to keep your domain short and simple so customers can find you.

3. A domain name gives your business credibility. When a business has its own domain name, customers are reassured that they’re working with a credible source. If you use your own domain name, in addition to listing your business on third-party sites to promote your business, you will further inspire confidence in potential customers.  

Domain names also make your business look professional. You can use your domain name to create a unique email address, like, which further brands your business and looks better than a generic email address.

4. A domain name can attract more customers. If you’re looking to increase business or give customers another way to find you, a website is the way to go. Recent surveys show that 85% of consumers use the Internet to find a business. With a domain name and website, you can increase your audience. Whether you’re a local business or are looking to expand your business, a domain name helps you reach customers that haven’t heard of you and don’t know you. 

5. A domain name helps you keep up with competition. Chances are, your competitor has a domain name and website, which is why getting online and building an online presence is important. It is likely that your potential customers are doing business with your competitors because they have a website. Don’t lose customers to your competitors – get your domain name today!

Next Steps: 

Now that you know the importance of owning a domain name, it’s time to register one! But before you do, do some research, get creative and think about what your customers would search for if they were looking for you online.

Domain name registrars (i.e.,, offer inexpensive domain name registrations. Many will give you a free email address when you buy a domain name or website builder –  so check out their add-ons.

Stay tuned for more information about creating a website and building an online identity.

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