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Connecting with potential and regular customers is vital to maintaining online success, and email marketing is one of the best promotional tools around.  It keeps your customers engaged, boosts interest, and most importantly, boost sales. Of course, all of these outcomes are only attainable if email marketing is done appropriately and carefully. There’s email marketing etiquette, and when it’s not followed, customers will block your messaging and ditch you for another company.

To ensure your business finds success with email marketing, we’ve laid out the top five email marketing best practices that will help generate sales, attract loyal customers, and grow your business. Check it out:

  1. Email email emailOnly send email campaigns to people who have subscribed to or requested them. Every email marketing provider enforces permission-based email messaging, which means a person must subscribe to your campaigns. Use opt-in buttons or sign-up forms to collect addresses and import them directly into your contact list.
  2. Create a schedule and stick to it. People like consistency, which is why it’s important that you create a send schedule. You can send test emails on different days and times to find out which combination has the best open rate.
  3. Send content that’s relevant to what your subscribers signed up for. Avoid topics that might turn your subscribers away and reduce your credibility. Stick to the information and topics that made your readers follow you in the first place.
  4. Organize your contacts using interest groups. Place your subscribers in various groups based on their interests and preferences. This will help you send the right email to the right people.
  5. Tell subscribers who you are. To avoid having your messages thrown in the trash bin, use either your personal name or your business name as the From or Sender Name, and consistently use that name in every email. Using a name your subscribers are familiar with will increase open rate and readership.

There you have it – five steps for email marketing success. Now it’s up to you to collect subscribers, draft messages and maintain your email marketing. Just remember, successful email marketing campaigns take time and patience, but they’re so worth it!

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5 Email Marketing Best Practices