By Jean Hendricks, AT&T, Lead Product Marketing Manager

Last weekend my husband was outside washing and waxing his car. As I sat there on a lawn chair to keep him company, he decided he would also detail it.  Out came the “equipment” for this task.  He usually does this a few times a year and every time I ask him why.  He smiles at me and says it gives his car a showroom shine.  What he means is that it makes his car stand out from the rest because it sparkles and shines on a deeper level than just washing and waxing alone.  He is very proud of his car.

Light bulb! I ran inside and grabbed my laptop. It dawned on me that if you have an existing website and  it is already professional looking, perhaps you need to consider giving it a little something extra – and create your own showroom shine.

The following are four suggestions that came to mind:

1) Create a short welcome video.

YouTube is so popular these days. Perhaps it’s not your style, but many people love to watch videos. And a video is an excellent way to build trust and customer relationships. Does your computer have a camera? Then create a one- or two-minute video with just you (so you can sparkle).  Below is a recommended script format  of what you could say:

  • Welcome and introduce yourself

  • Briefly describe your passion — you should explain why you have your business (e.g., I always loved math as a child and it’s my passion so being a Financial Advisor is something I enjoy doing.  OR I learned to bake pies from scratch with my grandmother and she inspired me to open my own bakery.)

  • Thank  them for visiting

2) Do you have a blog?

Many website plans today include popular open source blogging software. Some website plans include an Installer program which works cohesively with the blogging software.  It’s to your advantage to use their Installer app, because if you have any questions customer service will support you.  A blog is an awesome way to reach your customers and make your business shine.  Think about how you can discuss features of your product/service or information about your industry and how it relates to your business.

3) Do you have at least one social network associated with your business?

If not, then now’s the time as these are fast becoming a secondary “must have” for a small businesses. This is truly a way to get a showroom finish for your business. And if you have one social network, perhaps look at adding a second.  Some website plans include a tool to easily manage your social networks so you don’t have to log into multiple accounts. Connecting to consumers via a social site is a great way to promote your business.

4) Don’t forget website maintenance.

I included this just in case you haven’t refreshed your website in a while. Similar to detailing your car, if you haven’t re-energized your website lately perhaps now is the time to give it some premium benefits.  Give it a fresh look with new images or by adding backlinks. Also, have you looked lately to see if your website plan has any new widgets, apps, or features that can enhance your website or your visitor experience?

I looked online to find out why people should detail their car. The number one reason was that if you detail your car on a regular basis, it will maintain a higher value.  Isn’t that what you want from your website, too?

  Jean Hendricks – Lead Product Marketing Manager, AT&T
Currently Jean is working in product and marketing helping customers to find their way to solutions amidst a maze of technology. She is a regular blogger on AT&T’s Networking Exchange blog. | Facebook | @JeanHendricks11 | 
4 Ways to Put a Showroom Shine on Your Business Website