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Creating an online presence and driving traffic to your website is the first step to achieving online success. Now, you need to convert all those visitors into leads. It’s easy to find out how many people visit your website each day, but until you know who those people are, you can’t contact them directly and work to turn them into customers.

By making a few changes and adding some simple features, you can transform your website into a lead generating machine. Take a look at four strategies to generate leads using your site:

1. Contact Form

A contact form is the most basic way to collect your visitors’ information. When a visitor fills out the contact form on your website, they’re usually doing it because they have an inquiry, need more information, or want you to contact them. No matter the reason, it’s where they go to connect with you.

When you create a contact form, take the time to think about the information you need from your visitors. Is an address necessary? Do you need their daytime phone number? Visitors like giving as little information as possible, so reducing the number of required fields can increase the number of forms submitted.

2. Calls to Action

A proven method for converting your online visitors to leads is a call to action: a convincing offer that requests contact information in exchange for something your visitors want. And, by creating a call to action that is simple and compelling, you persuade your visitors to take the action you want.

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When you create a call to action, keep your visitors in mind. They might not be ready to purchase anything, but they’re on your site because they need or want your products or services. Your call to action should identify a problem and communicate the benefits of responding or offer visitors something they can’t turn down.

3. Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook®, Twitter® and LinkedIn® are free resources that can help generate new leads. By creating social media profiles for your business, you can share exclusive information and offers with your pages’ fans. When people “Like” or “Follow” your business’s social page, they become members of your business’s community.

Every new follower you get increases your chances of reaching more potential leads. Because of social media’s word-of-mouth-like marketing, word travels fast and the potential to get a large number of leads is promising. Make it easy for visitors to become followers by adding social media icons or ”Follow me” links to all of your website pages.

4. Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a great way to maintain relationships with your existing customers and connect with potential, new customers. With an email campaign product, you can:

  •        Add  “subscribe” or “sign up” buttons to your website
  •        Store visitor contact information
  •        Send emails or newsletters using pre-built templates
  •        Create contact interest groups
  •        Track email open rates

When customers sign up or subscribe to your mailing list, it’s important that you collect basic information about their interests. By including one or two key questions, you’ll know what kind of information they want to receive. You can then create targeted email campaigns by grouping your leads into different email lists based on similar interests. The trick is to not overwhelm your customers’ mailboxes with the information they don’t care about and risk losing them as potential customers. Send your subscribers information they want or need so they’ll keep coming back for more!


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4 Strategies to Generate Sales from Your Site