Let’s face it- we all want publicity and we want it NOW with little to no effort. It’s actually true that businesses can gain publicity based off of the incredible work they have done by being in the right place at the right time, or maybe having impeccable timing of your efforts.

However, as a business, you are still responsible in being proactive in the execution of your personal public relations strategy. 

To help you get ahead of the curve and receive the well-earned publicity you deserve, here are three simple ways to proactively attract more publicity for your business.

1. Create a ‘Dream List’ of publications and media outlets you would love to be featured on.

magazines publications We all have at least one favorite media professional we can recall from our impressionable childhood years. We loved the way they showed up in their respective craft, but what might have been the most impressionable is the way we sensed their passionate connection to the stories and information they shared. 

There was likely some rhythm of similarity (or what is often called their “beat”) to the type of things they advocated for! Across all media outlets whether television, radio or print publications, media professionals are just like business owners where they typically have a respective lane of content they are responsible for delivering. 

As a business owner, how perfect would it be to connect with the outlets and professionals that already share a passion for the type of work you do? That’s what you call a perfect match! Outlets are in the business of sharing news, so they are always looking for the right stories and groundbreaking news to share. Take the time to write down the publications and media outlets, locally, nationally and globally that you love and would be attracted to sharing news about your business. Find ways to genuinely connect with those outlets. 

2. Start thinking deeply about the value of your work, capture those results and share them often! 

business-agreement-handshake The media is always seeking out what is newsworthy, something beyond announcements of what you are doing. Similarly, to customers, they are curious to know how your business is creating an impact for the people you serve. 

As an example, let’s say you are hosting an amazing fundraising event! Create a list of goals that you want to accomplish as a result of hosting this event. What unique ways have you marketed the event? Did you meet, or even exceed the goals that you set for your event? What will happen in the world as a result of your work? These are deeper ways to consider the impact of your business, which ultimately will attract more interested media.

This logic needs to be considered even for your most basic business metrics. Perhaps it only took your company one year to gain more than 500 customers. Maybe you were able to collaborate with six other local businesses. Just as qualitative results are important, the business world loves quantitative results as well. The more you share the impact of your business in a way that audiences understand, the greater story is at hand for the media and even customers. Think deeply about the value of your work and don’t be afraid to share your results.

3. Stay authentic and consistent to your target audience and community. 

business branding, networking, marketing We all know what “publicity stunts” are and we should never have enough time in our day to create stunts as business owners. So, what’s your best tactic in your public relations strategy? To remain authentic to the brand and business that you have created. 

Many of us set a plan in motion to market our business and receive publicity, yet if we are unable to see grandiose results in comparison to other businesses, we tend to think our audience didn’t connect, therefore we were not successful. This will lead business owners to make sometimes unnecessary changes, compromising their authenticity to be more like another brands.

Businesses should always be focused on building authenticity with their audience, and the best way we do that is through consistency. The more brands show up and present themselves as valuable to the served customer base, the more buzz will naturally create around your business and opportunities are bound to present themselves for more publicity

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3 ways to Attract More Publicity for Your Business