By FasTurtle

In today’s world, it is essential that your business be using social media pages to engage with your customers and stay relevant in an ever-changing and competitive marketplace. Reputation is a huge factor in the growth or decline of a business, and now much of your business reputation is built or destroyed online. The following three tips will help you to manage your social media reputation:

  • Establish Your Online Reputation

When someone uses a search engine to find your company online, your business page should be the first result, but there should also be a number of other pages immediately following it. Build your online presence using social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. By doing this, you are able to control the first information searchers see about your company by publishing branded content. You are also able to monitor the conversation going on about your company and manage it efficiently.

  • Crisis Management

Any crisis a business is involved in should be proactively and professionally handled online.  It’s essential that you monitor and respond to customers who are asking questions or saying negative things on your social media pages. Be sure you are also answering all private messages. Responding to messages, both public and private, will show that each individual customer is important to your business. This effect also shows readers, not actively engaged in posting that you care about building a strong relationship with your customers. Resolve any issues you can and let your followers know that you are concerned with what they have to say.

  • Monitor Conversations

Engaging in a wide range of social media profiles that are updated regularly is an effective way at distributing information to the customers on channels they have already adopted. Once your social media pages are up and running, it is it just as important to regularly monitor the account and keep up with what is being said about your business. Monitoring multiple accounts may become a time-consuming process, but there are social media monitoring tools that can assist you. These tools range from basic free ones to more advanced tools that only monitor specific platforms, which will capture a majority of your brand mentions from across the web, helping you to respond as quickly as possible. Providing the best customer service possible can do nothing but good for your business.

With the growth of internet and smartphone users, more and more people are taking advantage of social media. Be sure to capture your audience by claiming your social media profile pages and engaging.  Constantly brainstorming ideas for social media content and engaging with customers through messages and wall posts across a number of platforms can be a challenging process.

3 Tips to Manage Your Social Media Reputation