Finding the right domain name for your business can be a daunting task. I spent more time researching and deciding on my latest domain name than I spent choosing my daughter’s name. True story. When it comes to a domain name, there’s no such thing as “good enough.”

Here are three tips that’ll help you narrow down the list and get that one-of-a-kind, memorable name in your hands.

  1.    If you’re local, say it.

After my son decided to see how high the garage door would carry him if he hung on it while his brother pressed the open button, I needed to find a garage door repair service that was local. I jumped on Google and searched for “garage repair” in my city. The results included names of businesses that serviced my region — which was great — but I really wanted someone who lives and works in my community.

With that in mind, I only clicked on results that had the name of my city in their domain. Some of the other results could have been local, but I couldn’t determine that from a domain like “” Remember, your potential customers don’t know your business name but they know the service they’re looking for.

Before the end of the day I was $200 lighter, I had a garage door that closes, and my son now knows what the garage looks like from the ceiling.

  1.     Check out new generic top-level domains.

Not long ago, our online naming choices were much more limited because many of the short and sweet .com names are already registered. Finding the perfect name was like winning the Wonka Golden Ticket. That’s not the case anymore.

My social media feeds are packed with friends who are starting home-based businesses and grabbing fantastic domains using the new generic top-level domain (gTLD) extensions like .photography and .guru. The hundreds of new industry-specific domain extensions rolling out mean you don’t have to settle for a long domain name that’s hard to remember. Now, you can find a shorter domain with an extension that describes your business.

For example, if you live in Atlanta and want to find the perfect wedding photographer, you can register a domain name such as Many domain registrars have a list of gTLD domain extensions that describe exactly the industry you’re servicing.

  1.     Taken doesn’t always mean taken.

If you search for your perfect domain and find that it’s already been registered, that doesn’t always mean it’s not available. Many businesses find their dream domain in the domain aftermarket. Spend a few minutes researching domain auction websites to see if you find your perfect domain. You’ll pay a premium for these rare domains, but in many cases, it pays off faster than a brand new domain.

I have a friend who runs a surf shop in Newport Beach, Calif. She purchased a domain similar to for a few thousand dollars and started a separate online store just selling swimsuits. Because the domain was short, easy to remember, and used common keywords, she increased her online sales and the domain paid for itself in a few months.

I promise you there’s is a perfect domain name for your business. And these tips can help ease the anxiety of finding it.

By Isaac Irvine, GoDaddy

About the Author:

A cheerleader for small business owners and buying local, Isaac “loves the heart and soul that local businesses put into their products and services.” He’s especially interested in writing articles and sharing advice about productivity and efficiently building a business. “It’s hard to run a business and balance family and friends,” he says. “I have young kids and a wife at home, so I know how important family time is. I love sharing tips and tricks that help small businesses grow and give them more time to spend with the people who support their dream at home.” When he’s not at work, you can usually find Isaac and his kids riding their bikes at the local skatepark or sampling local coffee offerings. Isaac is a native of Northern California who transplanted to Phoenix eight years ago to work for GoDaddy.

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3 tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name for your Business’s Website Address