By Giselle Aguiar, ​AZ Social Media Wiz, Founder

You’re in business. You have a website. How do you attract people to your site? With a blog. That’s why you need to learn how to blog.The “if you build it they will come” mentality of a website doesn’t work in today’s inbound marketing world. People will search for what they want when they want or need it and it’s up to you to make sure your content comes up when they’re looking for what it is you have to offer.

3 Reasons you want to Learn How to Blog

Here are the 3 Reasons why you need to Learn How to Blog:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): When someone searches for what it is you have to offer, the freshest, most relevant content will come up first.
  2. Become known as an Expert in Your Field: The more you blog about what you know, the faster you’ll become a thought leader and an influencer with a following.
  3. Attract Interested Parties to Your Website: When used in combination with social media, you’ll drive potential clients to your website where you can turn a visitor into a lead and later a lead into a sale.

Where do you start?

  1. You need a blog on your website. Having a WordPress website will make it easy to do that.
  2. You need to clearly define your target market(s) and put yourself in their shoes.
  3. You need to learn how to blog properly and effectively.

I hold a blogging class at Greater Phoenix SCORE regularly. Check the schedule on the left or click here for the full schedule of classes.

About the Author:

Giselle Aguiar, AZ Social Media WizGiselle Aguiar, founder of AZ Social Media Wiz is a social media, inbound and content marketing strategist & trainer helping business owners learn how to leverage the power of social media marketing, increase traffic to their websites, generate leads, increase brand awareness and establish themselves as experts in their fields. She’s the official social media, newsletter and blog manager for Greater Phoenix SCORE and offers Social media classes at the new AZ Social Media Training Center. 602-738-1700. You can connect with Giselle online at LinkedIn or on Google+.

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