Imagine this. You’ve been working countless hours on the launch of your new business. 

You’re excited to finally see your vision come to fruition. This an idea you’ve nurtured into something real that will indeed solve a big problem in the world for a specific customer base. 

Now open for business Trust me when I say, I’m just as excited as you are to begin this new venture! Your launch day comes, and then it goes. 

Your family and friends, out of love and honor, have supported your new endeavor with all of their might. Then that well runs dry. 

Did the excitement just die after just one month? It appears so.

You’ve run out of fresh marketing ideas and ultimately have no new excitement around your business launch. 

The cycle continues for every other great thing you do and the only people who know are those who have supported you in the past. 

What could you have possibly done a little differently?

So many great businesses lose their spark because they never considered one key element that could have profound impact on their business---a public relations strategy!

Press - news The fact is, many business owners don’t know what public relations is and its value. They opt to not make a financial or time investment because they simply don’t understand its power.  

Public Relations, also known as PR for short, can be simply defined as taking a more strategic look at how your business is portrayed to the public, especially by the media. Your RELATIONship with the PUBLIC really does matter.

As a business owner, you want the authenticity of your work and your values to shine so bright it pushes beyond your comfortable bubble of relationships.  

If you haven’t already considered hiring someone to work alongside on your PR, also known as a publicist, here are... 

3 key reasons why public relations matters for your business

  1. Your WHY is on PUBLIC display. In today's  media landscape, everyone may not miraculously come across your “About Me” or “Our Story” page to learn why your business exists. Your Story brings out the humanity of your business and allows customers a chance to connect with you. about us

    Media is so dynamic in the ways you can tell a story, and often times you can get a good journalist or host who is invested in knowing the answers to your deepest business questions. The conversations, whether in print, online, or on broadcast, help to form a connection with your customers! 

    With your big WHY on display, people will create deeper connections with your business.

  2. You get to reach a larger PUBLIC audience. The chances of thriving in our global economy has never been greater. With the world being more interconnected more than ever, you can now interact in real time with customers all across the world with the right strategy.

    Implementing a PR strategy increases your reach with more eyes on your business. Media is a constantly growing vehicle including your local television show or radio station, national magazines, and even related podcasts! Every last one of them can be of value especially when placed in front of the right audience. 

    The opportunities are vast and the amount of relevant impressions that can have a real effect on your business can really pay off if you consider a PR strategy that pushes your brand into the public.

  3. You can positively increase your brands PUBLIC perception. The media is quicker than ever to share news. That could mean really good or bad things come to surface quickly, but the same is true for your great news. What happens when someone else says something positive about your business? You build trust and a positive perception of who you are in your marketplace.

    This is an opportunity like no other. For all of the businesses in your niche, you can create an even greater attraction by simply showing the world all of the positive things you do. Whether that looks like an employee high five strategy that gets coverage, or a sponsorship with a local non profit. When you do good, good always comes back to you and your business! 

Having a PR strategy that shows more of what you do can be the icing on the cake for your business success. 


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 Keiona  Eady

Meet Keiona Eady- Teller of Stories, Advocate of Hidden Greatness! Upon graduating from Clemson University in 2012 with a Business Management degree, Keiona has worked over seven successful years in sales and marketing roles across diverse markets with industry leading companies! What’s next? Spreading authentic messages for brands, entrepreneurs and nonprofits as The Authentic Messenger, a...

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3 Reasons Why Public Relations Matters for Your Business