By Roger Robinson, Ph.D., SCORE, Mentor

In the last of our series on Starting Your Own Restaurant, especially for budding restaurateurs, we pull everything together in a checklist.

Making a profit is the most important some might say this is the only objective of a business. Profit measures success. It can be defined simply: revenues less expenses = profit. So, to increase profits, you must raise revenues, lower expenses, or both. To make improvements, you must know what’s going on financially at all times.

Secrets of Success for Restaurateurs

  • CONTROL (168 hrs./week)
  • KISS – keep it simple stupid (menu / concept / etc)

Here’s the checklist:

  1. Plan no profit first year – caveat debt service
  2. Initially request credit – negotiate for 7-30 days
  3. Try to avoid signing personally – especially not for ongoing product and supplies
  4. Negotiate all prices –insist on credit for spoiled food not seen on delivery or goes bad
  5. Good accounting system important (QuickBooks – we hold regular classes on using Quickbooks. Check out the schedule here.)
  6. Sandwich shops belong in industrial / commercial area
  7. Take out food service important potential source of income.
  8. Caveat location / competition / competitive advantage
  9. Should change menu every three months if possible
  10. Permit / license consultants available
  11. County courses available for bar employees re. Dram Act responsibilities / liabilities
  12. Employee food – 50% discount (on selected items) or special separate food free
  13. Caveat theft and waste / use of leftovers
  14. Portion control (advanced preparation) particularly for sandwiches (Subway model)
  15. Request credit on bad food
  16. Weigh / check in all food delivery – especially produce (check bottom layer of box)
  17. Caveat Health Dept. (utilize former Health Dept. employee to ensure up to code)
  18. Remember food handler’s card
  19. Advertising Resources – ValPak, local/weekly papers, Guerilla Marketing, social media, videos

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About the Author(s)

 Roger  S. Robinson, PH.D. (1927-2019)

Over a period of 50 years, following the Navy, Roger created and successfully operated a multi-unit entertainment, recreation enterprise in Michigan. During this time frame he was responsible for the entire organization including such activities as strategic planning, marketing, finances, personnel, etc.  It was during this time period that he enhanced his management and leadership skills...

Certified SCORE Mentor, Instructor, Greater Phoenix SCORE
19 Profit-Watching Tips for Restaurateurs