Written By: Giselle Aguiar

You’ve got your social media business pages setup on the major networks: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Now what? How do you get likes, followers & get circled?

There are 10 steps to building a following. It takes some time and effort, but once you’ve got a good following, you can manage your social media in about 30 minutes a day.

I’ve written about Content Marketing and How to Blog Effectively and I recommend blogging at least once a week (which should take you about 1 hour). But if your business is more complicated with several types of products and services and several different target markets, you may need to blog more often, so put blogging in your calendar.

  1. Promote your blog post on social media. There are nice WordPress plug-ins that help you automatically share your posts on your social media accounts.
  2. Identify your target market and search for them on the networks. Start following them. On G+, Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook, users are notified when someone starts following, circles them or likes their page. They now are aware of your existence and usually will follow you back if they like what you’re posting.
  3. Set up Google Alerts for your industry news items and RSS feeds from influencers in your industry. When interesting articles come up, share them to your followers.
  4. Retweet & share other people’s posts, especially your industry’s influencers. They are notified when their posts are shared.
  5. Thank people for following, retweeting & liking. This helps build relationships. Shows that you’re a human acknowledging other humans.
  6. Keep feeding your followers with stuff they want to know. Think about your followers like feral cats. As long as you keep feeding them what they like, they’ll keep coming, they’ll spread the word and multiply. Stop feeding them or feed them what they don’t like and they’ll go away.
  7. Don’t make it all about you. Out of 14 Twitter posts a day, 10 should be informative sharing of news or articles. 3 should be your blog posts – new ones or past ones that are still relevant. Only 1 message a day should be pure promotion.
  8. Keep your major keywords in mind when posting. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have high page rankings in the search engines. Posts with the right keywords will show up on top of search results.
  9. Use hashtags (# in front of a word or phrase) consistently. If someone clicks on it, all your tweets/posts will come up. Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn use hashtags. Rumor has it that Facebook will soon start using them also.
  10.  Building a following takes a little more time and effort. But once your following is there, it grows on it’s own as long as you keep feeding them what they want. Plan to spend a little extra time in the first 30 days of your campaign.

The beauty of social media is that the tools are free. With the right knowledge on how each of them works, a little strategic planning, persistence, consistency and effort, you can market along with the big guys and you will:

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase search engine optimization for your website
  • Increase traffic to your website that will eventually lead to sales – and that’s what it’s all about.

About the Author:

Giselle Aguiar, founder of AZ Social Media Wiz is a social media, inbound and content marketing strategist & trainer helping small to mid-sized business owners learn how to leverage the power of social media marketing, increase traffic to their websites, generate leads, increase brand awareness and establish themselves as experts in their fields. As with anything in business, using the right tools in the right way and at the right time are critical parts to your success. Learn from someone who’s known the Internet since it’s infancy. Official Social Media, Newsletter and Blog Manager for Greater Phoenix SCORE and Adjunct Faculty at Phoenix College. Social media training – 1-on-1 or for groups. WordPress sites and blogs. 602-738-1700. You can connect with Giselle online at LinkedIn or on Google+.

Steps Growing Your Social media Following