By Voight Thornton for GoDaddy

While it can be challenging to generate buzz about your business in today’s ultra-competitive online landscape, email marketing offers an opportunity for your company to stand out from the competition and attract potential customers, investors and business partners. Here are 10 quick tips to create email marketing campaigns that pop!

  1. Keep it catchy.

There is a direct correlation between your ability to write great copy and the success of your email marketing campaign. So a headline that grabs attention, invokes curiosity, and gets your viewer to keep reading is extremely powerful.

For example: If your keyword phrase is “how to jump higher,” create a headline that includes that phrase and will get viewers excited to learn more: “How to Jump Higher in 48 Hours”

Adding a time element to the headline is a great way to differentiate yourself and get readers’ attention.

  1. Keep it short.

People are busy, and their inboxes get bombarded with email. Hone in on one or two key points to make your emails easily digestible. Edit with rigor! Challenge yourself to cut your text and keep your message concise and clear.

  1. Repurpose content.

Who has time to create 100-percent unique emails every time? If you’ve got a wealth of great copy — on your website, in your social channels, etc. — leverage it for your email marketing campaigns. Be creative to repurpose content from other mediums. Develop once, use 10 times!

  1. Develop a natural voice.

Email marketing isn’t a mechanical process, and you aren’t a robot. Consider your emails as one more tool for communicating with your customers or readers — a tool that enables you to reach a wider audience in a natural way. To learn more about writing with a strong voice, see “Audience, language and other things that make us go woot!

  1. Include a compelling call to action.

Think about the main action you want email readers to take. Call for an appointment? Check out your new video? Remind readers of an important deadline, or repeat what they stand to lose if they don’t take up your offer. Express your call to action in a strong, active way, like this: “Call today to save 30%!”

  1. Be consistent.

Setting expectations and living up to them is a sure way to build your email recipients’ trust. Clearly state that your email marketing is a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly mailer — and stick to your schedule. Such consistency can build a strong presence and serve as a powerful way to position yourself as an authority in your industry.

  1. Insert links.

Boosting engagement with your brand — including driving email readers to your website and social media platforms to learn more — is a key goal of email marketing. So you need to include relevant links in your email. Embedding links to verifiable sources such as your business’s Facebook page or YouTube channel will increase  your chances of people clicking the link and engaging with more of your company’s content.

  1. Analyze what works (and what doesn’t).

Most email marketing programs offer advanced tools and targeting options to boost engagement from your customer and prospects. Take the time to analyze what is and is not working for your email campaigns, and make necessary adjustments.

  1. Experiment.

Be a maverick and try something new! Never included video in your email campaigns? Now is a great time to start. Test contests and email exclusive promos. Dare to be different with your brand; you’ll be surprised by what does and does not work!

  1. Make it easy to opt in or out.

Opt-in is when someone actually gives you permission to add them to your email list; opt-out is when you assume that it’s OK for you to send them email unless they tell you to stop. Make sure these functions are readily available in your marketing posts to ensure your permission campaigns are within email compliance. For best practices regarding email distribution lists, check out this post.


About the Author:

VoiVoight Thorntonght Thornton, author of 10 Ways Every Business Owner Can Boost Their Visibility by Using YouTube, is an expert in using video for business marketing. His work has been featured in numerous publications. Voight also serves as a small business consultant for GoDaddy and CEO of 6mic Films Production company in Scottsdale, Ariz. Connect with Voight on Google+.

10 Quick Tips for Email Marketing that gets Results