By Scott Schreiber, Score Mentor

Many Small Business Owners Find Success Through Masterminding.

When I was younger, I assumed I knew everything about everything. As the saying goes, I couldn’t believe just how much smarter my mom and dad became as I got older. The same is true when you start a business. As entrepreneurs, we are either “A” type know it all’s or we are intimidated somewhat by the process and afraid to ask for help.

Either way, this tends to spell disaster in the early phases of your business development. There are so many great sources for information and if you do not reap the benefits of that are around you, then your chances of success will probably be diminished.

Masterminding Should Be Part Of Your Business Goals.

Any decent entrepreneur has learned that there has to be an ongoing investment in learning, to stay up with your market. Also to understand better techniques to drive and close business and learning ways to better manufacture and/or deliver products to increase customer satisfaction.

One of the best resources for this type of education is often a mastermind group. Masterminding with other people who’ve had experience in what you are trying to try and do, will not just offer you insight into ways to best your competition. But in addition, will keep you out of trouble. The main reason for this is because those that have previously gone through what you are going through have previously made many of these mistakes. As a result, rather than you repeating them, you can avoid many of them altogether.

So, it is sensible to invest time to find and work with a group that will help you to reach your pursuits. Don’t be concerned about whether there are those out there who will be willing to do masterminding with you. Human nature is, that we like to assist those that ask. Also, it makes us feel good to have the ability to impart information. You would be amazed how many individuals will say yes if you simply ask.

Find Those Who Know More Than You To Do Your Masterminding With.

Among the biggest errors I see entrepreneurs make is they try and locate groups with identical or lesser expertise then theirs. They do this usually for one of two reasons. Either they are a tad intimidated by the thought of working with people who know more than them. Another reason is that they prefer to be the one imparting the information.

If one of your reasons would be to pass on information, then I would propose you join two groups. One where you might help and another where you’ll learn. We can and should find ourselves in a position where we could learn something.

If you are uncomfortable going into a group that has more experience and knowledge than you do, don’t be. If they’re really a mastermind group, they will enjoy the chance to have the ability to mentor you and will relish in your success. So there is no reason an entrepreneur can’t gain knowledge from a mastermind group. It makes all the sense in the world to open yourself up for the benefits.

Scott Schreiber is a SCORE Mentor and Editor of the Weekly Newsletter to work with Scott or another Score Mentor,

“Masterminding A Key To Success For Start Up Businesses”