Born in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Cheryl worked for Chrysler Canada for over 15 years, owned an entertainment magazine, and fell in love with sales/marketing and technology!

She has been in Arizona for over 15 years and has successfully assisted an air conditioning company from making $374,000 in sales to $1.8 million in less than 5 years.

You may recognize Her name from her involvement in a networking organization that moved from 98 members in one state to over 350 members in 16 states!

Currently Cheryl owns and operates “Working the GAP”.  Her company is dedicated to helping business owners move from where they are – to where they want to be and truly “work that gap” in-between!
Cheryl shares she is not about the ‘mindset’ of where you want to go—she is about the ‘how to’ get to where you want to go! No one ever leaves a meeting / seminar / or guidance session without some tool they can immediately implement to make a difference in their business and their journey!!

Let’s implement tasks and tools and truly concentrate on “Working the GAP”.


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 Cheryl  Clark