Preparing for that next step in life isn't always easy. My combination of experience, professionalism and access to a wide variety of health insurance products, alternatives and services can help you meet your healthcare goals and medical and insurance needs. Whether your goals include; saving a tremendous amount of money for you and your employees, getting better healthcare for you and your employees, or somewhere in between both saving money and getting better healthcare for both yourself and your employees. I can help. The federal government has messed up the healthcare system and we here at Black Mountain Business Consultants believe we can build you a better healthcare plan than the government can legislate. 

I am a seasoned financial professional with 25+ years in the industry. I have a passion for helping my clients through the treacherous financial waters that is the financial industry. I attended the University of Arizona and graduated from University of Phoenix with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Finance. While at University of Phoenix, I established a financial professionals group that is still in place today. I consequently entered the financial services industry and have never missed an opportunity to educate myself further about the industry. I enjoy spending time in the water SCUBA diving so much that I became a certified SCUBA instructor. I also enjoy traveling with my wife and two children. Don’t miss an opportunity to better your healthcare situation for both you and your employees.

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Brian H. Jones